About Duo Fashion Story

Hi dear friends all over the world,

   My name is Sukie,nickname called Duo.I am come from China.

   I lost my job 3 years ago because of the coronavirus epidemic situation is bad in our country, and I felt very confused and helpless. Then I returned to my hometown. My hometown was so quiet and peaceful. By chance, I met a friend who was very good at craftsmanship.I followed She studied for a while and found that I was deeply in love with handicrafts.

    Every time I got inspiration, I would create and send the tutoria video to the domestic app. Many friends like it. And I made a small e-commerce business in my local country if anyone love my handmade works they can buy it. I am very happy many friends love it and liked my tutorial.Many of them become my cients.I am very grateful for their support and help!

  What impressed me was that in the early days of my business, I met a client a girl who had been “beijing drifter” for many years. In the process of communicating with her, I found that she was very depressed between the lines.

   I thought that she might not work well, or she just broke up with her boyfriend after quarreling, so I wrote a card to her, I thought maybe to give her some energy. I remember writing the sentence "Even if the night devours everything, the sun will make it all over again." , and then packaged and shipped with the product.

   Later, I didn’t feel too relieved and gradually forgot about it. One day, I received a text message from a stranger, which said: Thank you stranger, it gave me a reason to keep going, and a thank you card let me go for a new life and I will fighting! Although the handwriting is a bit ugly, but I stuck it next to my bed. After reading these few words, my nerves were deeply touched in an instant, and tears fell like rain, and then I simply sat in the warehouse and cried a lot.

   I was moved by her words. A simple action can bring her so much power. She let me know that I am not just a small e-commerce business, it turns out that I can bring more and more things to my customers besides products. So, from that moment on, I decided: I want to be a transmitter of love, and I want to fight for it all my life!

   I wish all friends also love it from all over the world,so I make a Tiktok account and post my handmade jewelry and kinds of handmade diy ribbon flowers,pipe cleaner arts video and make this shopify shop,hope handcraft lover inspiration from my creative tutorial,make a new and top creative things than me!

   And I also sell clothes which factory in my hometown,and kinds of silicone products,household items from my last company,the factory is proffesional produce kinds of silicone products and other smart silicone toy for pet.They all accept OEM custom design.

They have more than 5000 model silicone prodducts in warehouse,because the epidemic situation factory are close long time and cannot going well,I help the boss to sell it,hope factory can running in normal and workers can keeping in their life and go better.

  Hope the world is peaceful and everyone is healthy and happy.

Yours sincerely,

Sukie Su


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