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Handmade red spider lily equinox higanbana flower hair products custom gift personalized accessories

Handmade red spider lily equinox higanbana flower hair products custom gift personalized accessories

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Flower name:spider lily/higanbana/equinox flower/Lycorisradiata

If use artificial flower fluid any color we can make,white color call mandarava,red color call manjusaka.

The meaning and symbol of the spider lily :

1. Life and death

The plant of the flower is very magical. When it blooms, we can't see its leaves. Its flower stems are pulled out from the ground and bloom directly. When the flowers wither, its leaves will reappear, and flowers and leaves will never be Seeing each other, so the other shore flower means the separation of life and death.

2. The tenderness of the devil

According to legend, the flower is a flower that blooms on the Road of death, Its flower is bright red and has no leaves, so it is very magnificent when it is in full bloom. It has a unique ornamental value, but it means the gentleness of the devil, which is to guide the soul that leaves the world. .

3. Desperate love

The flower is bright red, and the flowers are very charming and moving. The daughter of the king of hell loves the flower . This flower represents love, but because its flowers and leaves never meet, the flower means hopeless love, symbolizing love for each other but not being able to meet each other.

4. Death

There are two color flowers: red and white. The white are the road to heaven, and the red are the road to hell. Therefore, the flowers symbolize death and symbolize the death fflower.

This product is handmade by artificial flower fluid,or coloured glaze,up grade raw material,eco friendly raw material

1. Artificial flower fluid,pearl/coloured glaze crystal, 14K gold steel wire, exquisite, smooth surface and comfortable to wear.

2. Exquisite earrings with full body luster, gorgeous color and noble temperament. Each piece is hanmade.

3. The style is casual and fashionable. It is suitable for women aged about 18-40. It can be worn for office, commuting, daily,

dating, party, party and tourism.

4. This is a classic and gorgeous earring. It is the perfect

gift for mother's day, Valentine's day, Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday,

engagement, bride, bridesmaid or graduation ceremony. It is suitable for

any lady and girls.


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